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Will I have a thick body type ?

The #1 way to tell if you will have a NATURALLY thick body type WITHOUT ANY EFFORT is to take a look at your family tree.

When I was really young my mom told me to watch what I eat because everybody on my Dad’s side was thick .  For years I laughed off her “thick” comment ,  I was rail thin with 17% body fat… Society wanted EVERYONE to be thin… As in Paris Hilton gap between the thighs thin.

Nobody even looked twice at Kim Kardashian start @ 1:23.  Watch video below…

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Years ago I was nothing to look at. Fast forward to today and I dress according to where I’m going due to the attention my thickness / curves receive. AND this is from men AND women.

I was young athletic with a super fast metabolism. Me ? Thick ? Noooo. Fast forward to now and I have a mini Kim Kardashian body type…

How did this happen ?  Well let’s take a look at my parents .  My mom is tall, thin and athletic. My Dad is shorter and heavy set.  I have long legs like my mom and a short torso like my Dad.

You put those two genes together and you get slim thick naturally…  My mom did not have large breasts  but my grandmother did. So I inherited medium to large size breasts.

This might sound super fantastic to have this naturally slim thick body type but sometimes  when I get a few pounds heavier my knees feel the stress.

 I  do not do any cardio because I like having all those extra curves but then it makes my knees a little weak because I don’t exercise.

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However, I plan on working out again and taking some weight gain protein by Thick Gains.   So that way I can work out and still keep my curves at the same time and my knees won’t be so weak and fragile .

Long story short if you want to see if you will have a NATURALLY slim thick body type take a look at your family tree .

Even if you don’t have the genes in your family tree you can still achieve this body type…

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