2018 Body Trends

Black Market Butt Injections

WARNING: Videos are graphic and may contain strong language.

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The video below was removed from YouTube. I believe the person was selling mail order injections for $1,200…

If you go onto our Instagram you will see a screen shot of the video before it was taken down.

This is why black market buttock injections are a bad idea…

Please don’t EVER purchase buttock injections online.

Cardi B talks about how she though she was going to die while getting butt injections.

The lady that did Cardi’s butt injections killed someone and is in jail.

Below are some videos if you’re on the fence about joining #teamnatural.

Butt injections are BEYOND dangerous you have a lot of transient people coming to places like Miami  trying to make FAST money at the expense of others health.

And once your booty is messed up with some ILLEGAL junk a REAL hospital or doctor will NOT want to deal with you.

Below are some links to former “Booty 🔌’s” to  stars and the rich and not so famous .

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BUTT Injection CONS

* You can ruin your body for life

*They are expensive and will need to be redone in 2 years

*Most celebrities and women regret butt shots






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