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How to get a Slim Thick Body

How to get a slim thick body fast. Just follow the pyramid down below.


For those of us that aren’t NATURALLY blessed with hour glass curves there are many ways to transform your body type…

Below is a pyramid on How to Get a Slim Thick Body

    1. Diet
    2. Supplements
    3. Tummy cleansing

Watch video below if you don’t believe me about water / tummy cleansing.

4. Exercise for areas that are lacking

5. Creams and Soaps – To skin PREP – Encourage Growth – Slim Down

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Diet – Cut out alcohol and smoking. (you will notice a DRAMATIC difference in your body when you stop drinking alcohol) If you don’t do either please disregard. First off you will have to cut down on your sugar. Sugar blocks estrogen which is the key to curves. If you are skinny and want to have a slim thick body you will have to BOOST your protein.

If you double down on your protein you can gain weight week by week…. BUT you have to be careful because your body may not be able to handle rapid changes.

If you are thick and want to slim down you will have to eat more veggies and cleanse with water. DO NOT eat unhealthy snacks. I like to replace any chips in the house with nuts that are on sale from the grocery store.

Supplements – If you want a slim thick body. ONLY use supplements that are formulated for women.

My boyfriend takes a lot out of supplements ( he is a jock type and loves sports) however I NEVER use any of his supplements because a lot of his supplements are made for men and for boosting testosterone.


Only use supplements that are made specifically for women  and for boosting estrogen. Estrogen produces curves this why using soaps, lotions, creams, balms and supplements will help you get a slim thick body faster.

Tummy cleansing –  Drinking LOTS of water on an hourly interval will help cleanse your tummy of any junk that is making your stomach bloated .

I drank a ton of water for one day and the next day my stomach was at least 2 inches tinier.  I can tell that a lot of buildup was flushed out of my body through the water.

I also like to massage Slimming Soap on my FUPA when I am in the shower.  The massage nubs on the slim soap helps to get the toxins moving right through my intestines.

And the activated charcoal helps me detox my armpits since deodorants can be toxic.


I have tried to slimming tea once (from an Asian grocery store in California when I visited my family) I left the tea bag in the water for a LONG time. I remember it was dark and bitter and I had to force the last bit down because I didn’t use sugar.  I feel like slimming tea will work the first time as a detox but after that your body gets used to it and it can be damaging to your intestines as long term use…

 Keep in mind this was REAL Asian slimming tea not Instagram teas.

Besides that slimming tea is scary because you don’t know when you have to go to the bathroom and then you stay in there forever and it’s really embarrassing. Sorry for the TMI.   If you are going to do a detox slimming tea do it over the weekend/start on Friday in case you have to go the bathroom a lot. You can thank me later.

(AND don’t do slimming tea before a big event if you drink a strong cup it will have lasting effects for a few days.)

If you plan on drinking slimming tea be sure to drink a lot of water / Gatorade because you will lose a TON of nutrients.

The slimming tea I drank from the Asian grocery store recommended drinking lots of water because it helped move all the bad stuff through your intestines.

Exercise for areas that are lacking

If you are skinny you want to LIMIT YOUR CARDIO. In order to gain curves you need fat. Cardio will burn that fat. If you have a flat screen booty you should focus on squats and DOUBLE DOWN on your protein intake and flush with water to keep your tummy on flat flat.

Booty Balms, Breasts Creams and curve boosting soap

Your body needs estrogen to form curves and add weight… Using products that contain estrogen can help transform your body MUCH faster than if you didn’t have them.

When Men want to transform into women they undergo “HRT”. Hormone Replacement Therapy. The natural xenoestrogen in topical creams, soaps and balm do the same thing SAFELY and naturally. Just Google “Caitlyn Jenner HRT”… 

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  1. Hello I weigh in at 398 IBS and I want to be (slim thick thick.) I do workout videos. What do you recommend, please help! Thank you

    1. I would make sure to eat your last meal before 6pm (a good salad for dinner every now and then helps a LOT), drink water (add lemon or cucumber to detox) and wear a waist trainer when going for a daily walk. It doesn’t have to be a expensive one. No soda, starch or red meat.

      Before I put on my waist trainer I usually use Slim Thick Body Balm. It helps me burn my tummy fat FAST helps me sweat out all my toxins since it is made with Charcoal. I don’t have a lot of time to workout so, I do whatever I can to speed up the process when I do go out for a walk.

      I hope this helps. Best of luck with your body transformation journey.

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