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Skinny vs Thick

When I was skinny I had braces, I was EXTREMELY active, I ate 1 maybe 2 meals a day, I was a virgin (the braces didn’t help), I NEVER ate steak.

(It’s not fun with braces on)


The part starts at 20:17… Give it some time to load. EXPLICIT not safe for work.

My boyfriend at the time loved to go out – so high calorie restaurant food was part of my new diet… Once my braces came off steak (always lean and butterflied) became a daily meal since I couldn’t eat it with braces on…

Prior to meeting my BF I NEVER ate restaurant food. And I NEVER in my life thought I would get thick.

I wasn’t a virgin anymore (I believe that caused some body changes – one time a coworker commented that I was “glowing”).

Below is a video of Reginae Carter who looks like she is getting  MUCH thicker after getting with rapper YFN Lucci. AND she seems happier…

If you are young and skinny (21 or younger) please don’t do anything reckless to achieve curves.

Down below is Pebbelz Da Model before she went to jail for 7 years for being the middle man “Booty 🔌”.

Lovely Mimi shares ANOTHER ONE of her crazy stories below 💀 EXPLICIT

Ok back to my skinny vs thick timeline.

But the funny thing is that the weight / thickness didn’t start stacking on UNTIL I got a 9-5 office job… 3 years into my office job NO EXERCISING and high calorie eating, that’s when the stretchmarks started to show on my bottom.

I was getting bigger and my skin couldn’t handle it. I wanted to cry when I saw them.

I tried some Palmers Cocoa Butter Firming lotion but it wasn’t working fast enough – and I didn’t like the fake “cocoa butter smell”. I had nice sheets so using oil was NOT AN OPTION for nighttime.

It wasn’t until a year later that I started using Slim Thick Cream by Slim Thick Body. I would use it at night and the morning.

I keep my Slim Thick Cream right by earrings so it was the first thing  I put it on in  the morning and night after my shower.

I am now a FULL C cup pushing to a D cup… I have way more side boobage and there are NO MORE gaps in my bra from not being filled.

I always kept my chest moisturized so luckily I didn’t get stretch marks there but I forget about the bottom half so that’s where and why the stretch marks showed up –  due to my skin not having any built in elasticity.

Anyways long story short to get thick you have to tweak some things to put the weight on.

If you are young – keep your body MEGA moisturized so when the weight shows up you don’t get stretchmarks like me. 🙁

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