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Journey to Slim Thick

1. Take photos of  yourself before no matter how embarrassing it is. If you are waiting for your supplements, soap or capsules to arrive. Take the time to take lots of before photos. Some products like Booty Balm from Thick Gains come with a free measuring tape as well as other free gifts.

2 . Throw out any bad foods. Sometimes I leave my unhealthy snacks on the table at work in the lunch room.

3. Be  ready to make smarter food choices.  Instead of having a soda choose a drink with less calories or no calories at all . La Croix, Fuze etc.  If you’re having trouble giving up soda try drinking just half a soda and sharing the other half with a friend.

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4.  Go on a social media detox for a few days while you are making your transition .   Focus on yourself and your plan to make yourself a better person not everybody else.

5.  Do you have a special outfit you would like to fit into ?  Use that as a goal to keep yourself going .

6. Amazing things don’t happen overnight. For some ladies a natural LONG LASTING transformation can take up to 12 months. There is no get thick quick strategies. UNLESS you want stretchmarks to come along with it or lose it as quick as you got it.

No matter what stay consistent even if you fall off get right back on top of things and learn from your previous mistakes . Post your progress in public or private so you can see how far you have come.

For more tips use the hashtag #slimthicktips


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