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Cosmetic Vacations Story

Yes,  cosmetic vacations are real.

I remember when I first moved to South Florida and got my first restaurant job years ago .  I had a coworker she was  a really pretty Columbian girl with jet black long hair and crystal blue eyes.  She looked like Megan Fox but with a Columbian accent like Sofia Vergara.

Apparently from hearing from other guys she was in aspiring model.

One day she says  to me “Ay, _____  I will see you in a few weeks I’m going on vacation to Columbia to visit my family “. I  was like oh OK cool have a good time that’s awesome that you get to go there for a month.

She just smiled really big. I guess I  would too if I was leaving the country for the month…

Girl, come to find out she was going over there to get her booty and breasts done. 😵

I was young and naive back then though.

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I was good with it – BUT the men that worked at the restaurant were BIG mad.

I remember her “new booty” was so big that if we we’re in this area to get sodas you would have to back ALL THE WAY UP to let her and her “new booty” pass.

I used to joke and say all right everybody “tuck it in, tuck it in”.

She only worked at the restaurant for a short time after her surgery…  Most of the guys would be salty about it and say she ran off with some rich guy… Who knows ???

However depending on your career,  if it was me, I would leave whatever job I was working at  and get a new job AFTER my transformation.

If you are having a drastic change as in 2 cup sizes up or a Kardashian booty done in ONE surgery….. I would start at a new job with a new body.

Trust me it will mess up your career if you stay at the SAME job because EVERYBODY  will feel a certain type of way with your “new look”.

Watch Wendy throw MAJOR shade at this audience member. 😩

Major cosmetic surgery on your boobs and or butt is socially acceptable / will pay for itself if you are a model, waitress (Hooters, twin peaks etc) and or a stripper/dancer. If you are a self employed female boss it doesn’t matter…

NOW in the corporate world…

Any job I started out with they always had to point out the girl that “had work done”. I would just sit there like “ooh for real –  when low-key I would tell myself to never tell that person anything”.  #twoface

Females will hate on you, men will hate on you,  some women will act like your friend and ask you ALL about your surgery then talk bad about you behind your back .

Your manager, supervisor will low key let their opinions be known.

Men will come after you because “NOW you look better” or you are now considered “smashable” at least in their eyes and its too much to deal with.

I always say “If you weren’t checking for me BACK THEN – Don’t check for me when I’m poppin”. 😂

Also too all the OLDER Colombian women I know NEVER go up more than two cups in ONE SURGERY because they swear they would get stretch marks …

Which is true because your body needs time to adjust.

The American lady in the video down below is going back on a cosmetic vacation in Columbia to get even more work done…

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