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Slim Thick Tips

Slim Thick Tips

For more Slim Thick Tips just search #slimthicktips on IG She talks about doing squats in the shower… ­čśş 1. Say no to soda #nosodaforme Great alternatives to soda are the La Criox water (0 calories) ┬áFUZE, ┬áNatural ICE drink, (Natural ICE drink does have a natural sweetener) 2. Make sure you eat three meals …

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Food’s that make you THICK

Foods that make you thick should be rich in natural proteins… Follow our IG @whattslimthick or lookup #slimthicktips. ´╗┐ Beef Jerky – Beef jerky can be high in sodium so be careful. However you can always get a dehydrator and make your own for cheap. You can make turkey jerky, chicken jerky you name it… …