How to get a Slim Thick Body, Skinny vs Thick

Don’t get thick quick…

Don’t get thick quick… Why ?

Get thick quick transformations = Stretchmarks.

Filter apps, good lighting and angles can hide imperfections…

Up above are photos of women who developed stretch marks after their breasts enlarged to quickly.

Your skin cant handle quick drastic changes UNLESS you prepare or have good genetics. Even athletic / fit people get stretchmarks.

If you don’t believe me just Google any of the following terms below or click link.

* Stretchmarks from squats

* Bodybuilding stretch marks

* athlete stretch marks

*stretch marks from running

*Stretch marks from powerlifting

* teen stretch marks…

EVEN young skin is prone to stretch marks. Its NOT an age thing – its a too big too fast not enough skin elasticity issue. Your body got too big too fast and your skin couldn’t catch up .

Your skin is the  most important part of your body and is the first thing that everybody sees.

I’ve seen guys out on South Beach with stretchmarks on their pecs… Why ? Because young guys want to get buff FAST in time for summer but forget about skin prep…

Wealthy individuals prepare their bodies weeks before “having work done” to ensure that they heal quickly and with as little complications as possible… BUT they will NEVER tell you that…

If you don’t prepare your skin to contract or expand you will be more likely to get stretch marks depending on your type of skin – As well as how gradual your transformation happens. The more gradual your transition the more time your skin / body has to adjust… AND if you plan on having a faster transformation just use Slim Thick Body Elasticity and Growth Cream.

Rub Slim Thick Elasticity Cream into your “target areas” preferably  at night time and after you shower. This way the natural oils and phytoestrogen  has time to work into your skin and body.

(For deep  moisture put some cream on before you get in the bath and after.)

For me it is my chest, calves and thighs. I rub it on at night before bed, right after a shower and before I get in the tub if I take a bath.

I have a Colombian friend that went from stick figure petite to a curvy wide body. She has ZERO stretchmarks because she prepped her skin in advance, during and after – AND she is older than me. Her skin is smooth and FLAWLESS.

Slim Thick Body Skin Elasticity cream has over 10 natural extracts proven to tighten skin and promote growth at the same time.

You will feel like you have a extra layer of skin while the natural extracts help induce blood flow and growth.

My Mother uses Slim Thick Elasticity Cream on the back of her thighs to smooth them out.

The viscosity of this cream is ULTRA hydrating / NON greasy and doesn’t contain petroleum jelly, shea butter or coconut butter.

Slim Thick  Elasticity and Growth Cream does not contain any harmful ingredients or preservatives.

PLUS you get a FREE gift !

Click here to get started on prepping for your transformation…

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