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Cheap Waist Trainers that WORK

I prefer to buy / test out cheap waist trainers by shopping here… Most are $9.99 and up if you’re on a budget/ skeptical / not sure.

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Im, sorry but I just cant see spending $69 on a waist trainer unless I purchase it in person / at a store. AND if Im paying $69 I BETTER get something to go with it… SMH…

 $39.99 on Thick Gains (9 5 4 ) 7 1 9 – 0 0 5 5

Honestly, I don’t know why folks buy all these expensive $79 + waist trainers off of Instagram… I’m NOT knocking anybodies hustle but here are my reasons below…

  1. Instagram sellers NEVER have a phone number where you can reach them.
  2. A lot of times the waist trainer they have on in their Instagram video is a HIGH END waist trainer. The waist trainer you get is a SUPER cheap one.
  3. A lot of times they may not ship OR they ship you the WRONG SIZE WAIST TRAINER.
  4. They will ship you the WRONG item then claim NO REFUNDS and block you on IG. (WHO DOES THAT ?)
  5. A LOT of the females selling waist trainers on IG have had cosmetic work done. I wont name names but I know you know what I’m talking about. #sideeye

Now if you’re a GOOD IG seller I’m not talking about you… Because there are some out there…

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